Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I picked the apricots. I washed the apricots. I canned the apricots. Now, I will eat the apricots (jam) all by myself. Not really. I did have help, and I certainly wany help eating it.

Hot Shot with a touch of crazy

Zach would not give up until he got up on one. His "touch of crazy" is going to make him amazing.

Such a Great Family!

Didn't get this posted earlier, but everyone must see what great family support we had for Hyrum's baptism. These are aunts and uncles and grandparents from both sides. We are so blessed.

Hot Shots at Recapture

Grandma and Grandpa Johnson came for a few hours, boated, gave the kids encouragement....
and Grandpa held the rope for the "Hot Shot Trainer" skiiers.
Zach and I on the "Airhead". I was screaming/laughing my guts out.
After much coaxing (and Hyrum doing it first), Eli got up and got attitude.
Still got it....I mean I still have post skiing muscle soreness.

Hyrum was the first to try the "Hot Shot" ski out and the first to get up. Love this picture with his big brother behind him helping him.